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Richard Bright

We haven’t really paid much attention to thought as a process. We have engaged in thoughts, but we have only paid attention to the content, not to the process. (David Bohm)

I studied Fine Art, where my work as an artist, then and now, draws from concepts of mathematical, natural and physical processes. The process being as, or even more, important than the final work.

As an art student, I was also influenced by musical scores (electronic music by Stockhausen, Ligeti, Xenakis), systems theory, concepts in quantum physics.

While I was studying fine art and physics I also attended the London Buddhist Vihara from 1975 – 1980 for classes in meditation and Abhidhamma (the psycho-philosophy of Buddhism) – which is an analysis of consciousness, it’s mental faculties and elements, the concepts of ‘Being’ and ‘Becoming’ and how this relates to contemplative practice and a way of living. This was mainly Theravada Buddhism with my teacher Ven. K Piyatissa Thera. I still practice meditation regularly.

My increasing interest in quantum physics at art college led me then to take a physics degree.

During the 80’s I lectured on the Art/Science interface, gave courses on colour theory and practice, geometry and art, scientific concepts in early 20th century art, and explored the relationship between art and science.

I am the Founder and Director of The Interalia Centre (established in 1990), an organisation that provides an international forum for the exchange of ideas between the arts and the sciences. regarding each as an open and systematic inquiry into the deep structure of human experience. Its aims are based on the belief that far from being mutually exclusive activities, they represent different yet complimentary ways of looking at and understanding the world. Interalia’s activities have consistently demonstrated that creative understanding can be extended through exploring and equating these diverse fields of knowledge through ‘free-flowing’ communication.


I am also the Editor of the online magazine Interalia Magazine, launched in 2014, which explores the interactions between art, science and consciousness.

I’ve worked for many years exploring the interactions of art and science, regarding each as an open and systematic inquiry into the deep structure of human experience. Artistic and scientific themes have run alongside and interpenetrated each other throughout these years, both within my work with Interalia and also in my artistic practice


Each Giclée print is created on 100% Cotton 300g white fine art paper employing UV encapsulated pigment inks and sealed to provide a fully archival long lasting and vibrant image.

All limited edition prints are complete with a certificate of authenticity, numbered and signed by the artist.

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