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Lines of Thought

A line is drawn, in ink, on black paper. At first, the line is not easily distinguishable. Remembering the first, the second line follows. Remembering the previous, the next responds. And so on and so on.


The drawer is drawing, if you like, in the dark, attending and navigating through the space of the paper. Moving through time past.

After a while the first lines reveal themselves, ink drying on the black paper. The process of receiving, registering, memory and volition continues. Line responding to the previous.


Gradually, the structure begins to unfold.


The action of looking thoughtfully at something for a long time.

  • viewing, regarding, examination, inspection, observation, survey, study, scrutiny, scanning, staring at, gazing at, eyeing.

Deep reflective thought.

  • thought, meditation, consideration, pondering, reflection, thinking, musing, rumination, deliberation, cogitation, reverie, concentration, introspection.

The state of being considered or planned.


An isomer (/ˈaɪsəmər/; from Greek, isomerès; isos = "equal", méros = "part") is a molecule with the same molecular formula as another molecule, but with a different chemical structure.

In structural isomers the atoms and functional groups are joined together in different ways. Structural isomers have different IUPAC names and may or may not belong to the same functional group. This group includes chain isomerism whereby hydrocarbon chains have variable amounts of branching; position isomerism, which deals with the position of a functional group on a chain; and functional group isomerism, in which one functional group is split up into different ones.

World Lines

Each point on any of the lines of a Space-Time Diagram represents an event in the ‘life’ of the object or observer concerned. The ‘World Line’, made up of all the points along it or all the events experienced by the object, represents the whole ‘life’ or history of the object or observer.

If any two ‘World Lines’ intersect, the objects concerned will meet at the point of space-time represented at the intersection.

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